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Happy birthday darling Adams!

This man God has seen fit to bless me with, he is called Adams.

He brings me joy. He makes my heart go kedike. He is a man after God’s heart. He puts God first ALL the time.

He shows me kindness and is never harsh with me. When I go off on a tangent, he knows how to pull me back to the right path. Many times I have hurt him but he gives forgiveness even before I ask (and when I forget to ask sef). He don try for me, I swear.

He corrects me with and in love. Indeed I am blessed.

He embraces me with his love and never lets me go.

What can I write to tell how much you mean to me? How many words should I use and how many sentences will be enough?

Though we are apart, we are never far away from each other. You’re always in my heart.



Happy birthday Adams… the one who holds my heart.

25 thoughts on “Happy birthday darling Adams!

  1. My, my, my….I swear if this was written for me I’d sooooo feel like the most blessed man on earth. I dey feel the love…make I wish am happy birthday sef. May God bless and keep you both.


  2. Happy Birthday Adams. Many more great years.thank you for being a blessing to Pearl.
    A lovely celebration of the life of your dear one Pearl- I can feel the love even from here.


  3. Awwww, this gave me goosebumps. Ijeoma’s Adams is tres handsome! God bless him and keep him. And make you best friends forever. I go love o
    #Pepsodent marketers πŸ™‚


  4. I smiled all through, and even afterwards. *keeps smiling*

    Happy Birthday Adams! Long life, health, wealth and prosperity by the Lord’s still waters. Cheers bro!


  5. Your lovely tribute reminds me of a song or chorus sung by Ego… Wherever I go, wherever you be; baby baby you’re never far away. You’re always on my mind…. (Think it was a duet with Lagbaja).

    May this love continue to flourish.


  6. Wow! Pearlsssss! U got me frozen reading dis. U a a Damsel! The god of Love will keep U both Forever. Happy Birthday to Ur Love!


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