If my father were to (ever) read my blog, the first thing he’d berate me about is the name I chose – Olorungemstone.
Olorungemstone is a mixture of English and the Nigerian language, Yoruba. I am proudly Igbo and there’s no trace of Yoruba in my blood so it’s a wonder I’m using that name for my blog.
I was given the name OluwaPearl Olorungemstone by ‘Egghead’ Odewale and I fell in love with it. It just settled in my spirit so when I decided to blog, it was only natural that the name came up so I used it.

Back to my dad. My dad is the all-proud Igbo man you hear about. He takes very serious pride in his heritage. He’s not racist or a tribalist, he just believes in his Igboness. He’s not happy that my siblings and I don’t speak the language too well, he’s not too happy that we’re not based in the East but hey you can’t have it all. I can imagine him coming here and saying, ‘so Ijeoma afuro afa ozo o g’enye her blog no olorungemstone, afa Yoruba ehn. Kedu ife n’emedu umu aka sef?’
Loosely translated, ‘so Ijeoma could not find any other name to give her blog except olorungemstone, a Yoruba name. What is wrong with these children sef?’

So dear dad, if you ever make it here, I ask that you forgive me but I can’t help it. I am made up of all the influences around me, they cannot be easily put off. I look forward to wherever this journey takes me. May it be well with us all. Amen.

Have a lovely week ahead & a beautiful holiday on Tuesday. 🙂


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