This post really had me thinking and renewed my hope…


As we grow up, get older and start building our own lives, we tend to forget just how much others have given up in order for us to be who we are. Of course, nature has its way of making sure we eventually make similar sacrifices for others, but let’s still take time out to appreciate the people who have given so selflessly of themselves.. I am referring to our mothers. There is a special something something about them.

Mother, this post is for you!


My mother is a lion. She’s always been. But there is a weakness she has, she suffers, she can do little about. This, I want to share with you today.


I’m the third living daughter born to my mother, Maggie (née Margaret Obamakinwa); who herself is the third of seven children (now second, for one is no more; she refers to…

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