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Celebrity Marriages

Will Smith Divorce: Are Will And Jada The Next Celebrity Couple To Split?

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I saw this headline pass by on my timeline yesterday and I just had to click the link and go see what they were talking about.

I mean, they even have a ‘scientific formula’ to show who would be the next celebrity to get a divorce! Na wa oh.

It made me wonder how I would feel if my name was on that list. I open up a site and I see that myself and my husband have been listed as one of the couples who could get a divorce because of a formula.  I would feel terrible.

But I also wonder about the mindset of these celebrities. Why do they get married, really? Because we all know they are heading for the divorce courts anyway so go figure. But I wonder what Will would say or think;

‘Yes we’re getting divorced! Who in their right mind stays with one woman forever?!’


“These people are shameless, they would do anything to get more publicity. I love my darling Jada and we will last forever’, then he goes to wherever she is and gives her a beautiful kiss.

Oh well… *shrugs*


One thought on “Celebrity Marriages

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