Beyoncé’s live performance of Who Run The World

I watched this video yesterday. I have watched it 6 more times since then. I am in awe of this Beyoncé girl…

I mean how does she move and jump like that and still sing which such a remarkable control of her voice? That is a rare something. What brand of oxygen is she taking in? I respect her because I can imagine how much she disciplines herself to be able to do all this, I respect her work ethic.

Then the effects in that video! That was a live performance and look at the effects they used. By the way, I know they look Illuminati-ish, yeah I saw the dragonhead-elephanttrunk combination…

See how in sync the dancers are. See how Beyoncé works the crowd. See how white people can’t resist bobbing their heads to the rhythm.

Did you see the awe in Rihanna’s face at the end of the performance? And the nod of approval+pride and admiration in Oga Jayz’s? Neyo was just nodding his head and Mr Schu must have been taking some notes. My favourite line in that song is ‘…how we’re smart enough to make the millions, strong enough to bear the children, then get back to bi’ness‘ I just love how it depicts how resourceful and powerful a woman is.

O diro easy, biko!


2 thoughts on “Beyoncé’s live performance of Who Run The World

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