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Mara Wilson’s article

Advice From Auntie Mara

Please click that heading and read that beautiful article by Mara Wilson. This is one article I’d have to come back to read again and again.

Here are a few I liked;

‘Don’t say anything about someone on the Internet that you wouldn’t say to that person’s face. What the fantastic Austin Kleon says here is true: “be nice, the world is a small town.” It can and WILL get back to them. The Internet shouldn’t be just a bigger high school bathroom wall.’

‘If someone knows more than you about something, regardless of what it is, listen and show some respect. As my father, who works behind the scenes in television, says, “the best actors are the ones who are nice to the tech crew.” (He has a great story about a news anchor who was so rude to the technicians that one of them changed the lighting so she looked sickly. He was fired, but a few years later she was on a different channel and the same thing happened again. It turns out that he was working at that station, too. Techies never forget.)’

‘I have been thinking of many ways to put this, but I think @TheTweetOfGod said it here more clearly and succinctly than I can: “The first person who says you’re a jerk is just threatened by your talent. But the hundredth person who says it is probably on to something.” Thanks, Tweet of God!’

‘Enjoy being alive. Please. Yes, sometimes life is miserable, but misery passes, and the mere fact that you able to experience misery and happiness and anything in-between at all is astounding. Seriously: you exist, and you are able to comprehend that you exist!’

God bless you.


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