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Everyone Is NOT Doing It!

Whatever ‘it’ may be, a lot of people need to be told that everyone is NOT doing it. I mean, there can never be any one thing everyone could be doing at the same time, is there? Even ordinary sleep sef, not everyone is doing it. If you doubt, go check twitter.

Not everyone is having sex. This is the most important thing a lot of people need to understand. Not every teenager or young person is having sex outside marriage, not every married man is cheating on his wife, not every married woman is cheating on her husband…Not every girl is sleeping around for money, not every lady is showing cleavage to get ahead, not everyone is out to get you.


I heard about the 14-year-old girl sexually molesting a 4-year-old boy and I can only imagine what they must have watched or heard or experienced that made them so aware of sex at such a young age. How did she know what to do and why did she think she could do it with a 4-year-old boy, for heaven’s sake?! Who told her that she needs to have sex now? What exactly was she told?

Lest I digress, lemme just say that I detest generalization. Sometimes, I tend to group people together and judge them by their ethnic groups, age, religion or sex but since I have learned how painful it is for me (see my experience here) I do unto others as I want to be done to me.

Everyone is not doing it… Everyone is not doing it… Everyone is not doing it… Everyone is not doing it.

8 thoughts on “Everyone Is NOT Doing It!

  1. hmmm…. everyone is sure not doing it.

    every passing sec brings a new fear for my generation and the coming ones, God help children and even parents of this age and time 😦


  2. It is bleh that people do things because everyone is doing it. I used ‘bleh’ because I have no particular right word to use.


  3. Thank You! You are so right.
    There was a time in my life when I started to think that everyone was doing it. (The main IT ). I was in 300 level and most of the girls I knew were doing it. So I lost that conviction that good girls should wait. Cos I knew good girls and they hadn’t waited.
    Funny enough it was one of the late Bimbo Odukoya’s books that, in the space of just one afternoon, reconvinced me that I wasn’t the only one waiting, that it was still right, and still in fashion(lol) to wait.
    And guess what? I actually met other girls like me, who were waiting too. Who didn’t scoff at my ideals or try to catch me out as a liar.
    So yes, Not everyone is doing it, whatever IT is.


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