Let’s whistle away people!

MEDMOBILE TIP OF THE DAY. Did you know that whistling helps exercise the lungs and make breathing easier while humming increases ventilation and blood flow to the sinuses thus decreasing sinus congestion and infection. Have a peaceful weekend. Pin:330AD8A8, delliots@yahoo.com, ffl@medmobile1. Aha! There you have it! This is for all of you who have an… Continue reading Let’s whistle away people!


My Identity Is Found In Christ

I love Lecrae and I love Da TRUTH & they went and teamed up on this one. This is a lovely song. Above is not the official video but a video nonetheless but with lyrics. Pay attention to the words, my good people. I love the beat and I love what they’re talking about –… Continue reading My Identity Is Found In Christ

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Celebrity Marriages

Will Smith Divorce: Are Will And Jada The Next Celebrity Couple To Split? (Click on the heading to read the full details) I saw this headline pass by on my timeline yesterday and I just had to click the link and go see what they were talking about. I mean, they even have a ‘scientific… Continue reading Celebrity Marriages