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Sometimes the past is a present.

I just watched this trailer and I think I already love this movie. I love the angles and I like the storyline. It looks like something different from the usual. Can’t wait to see it.

I also heard that phrase in the trailer; ‘Sometimes the past is a present.’

That is all I have been able to think of since then. What exactly, in my past, is a present to me? I have been through a lot of things that can be considered horrible, maybe I’ll write a story about it all one day. The question is not if I will write about them, the question is when. But I digress…

I do know one thing I consider a present, a priceless gift. My siblings. We went through all those ‘horrible’ things together and we were not struck down by them. All of it is attributed to God’s grace because I can imagine where each of us would be now if it weren’t for His grace that kept us.

Sometimes the past is a present.

Wait! This could also mean that sometimes the past is NOT a present, right?


I am now on a mission – to discover something else in my past that could have been a present.

So help me God.

3 thoughts on “Sometimes the past is a present.

  1. I think that the word “present” could also be traslated to mean “gift”. Experiences from the past, be it ours or others’, provides us the opportunity to learn from, and makes amends or avoid such occurances. Relating this to your explanation, we need to remember that there’ll be no present without the past. What is done with what happened in the past, determines, most times, the outcome of the present.


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