Love Can Break Your Fall

There was a time in my life when all that mattered was music. I was a walking radio. I knew the lyrics of almost all the songs. Music saved me, showed me a better way & renewed my confidence in humanity.

My mother introduced us to music. When we were all very young, she would slot in some cassettes in the car on our way home from school or church and some of the best tunes would waft through the speakers. My mother was in the choir and so are my older and younger sisters. My sisters expressed theirs by singing but I expressed mine by collecting. I am a collector hence all those external hard drives I have (crashed and un-crashed).

So I want to write about Jody McBrayer’s Love Can Break Your Fall from his This Is Who I Am album. I think a Cindy Morgan sang it before him though but I’m not sure who the original singer/composer is. I heard from Jody first. Jody was one of the original members of the group Avalon.


The first time my siblings and I heard this song was on the radio. I think it was Paula of Cool 96.9fm who used to play it every Sunday morning. We didn’t have a TV at that time but it wouldn’t have mattered because most stations were not into playing gospel songs per se. Paula, wherever you are, thank you so very much for your time in Cool 96.9fm.

At first, we thought it was a woman singing. We debated and debated and debated. We had no access to the internet (was there internet that time sef?) so we couldn’t confirm anything.

The day we found out Jody McBrayer was a guy was indeed an ‘aha!’ moment. One other person we had gender debates about is Mark Schultz.


These men are beautiful singers.

I would love to include the lyrics of Love Can Break Your Fall in this post but I don’t want to make it too long. This is one of those songs I can actually perform in front of a large audience. The lyrics of the song are beautiful and up-lifting.

“And don’t say its love that broke your heart
When you trusted someone
Cuz love’s the victim not the crime”

God is love, right so how can you say Love broke your heart? God will not break your heart for sure. Love is the victim of the game, it is not the crime. Love will break your fall and help you get back up again.

“And don’t say it’s love that broke your heart
When it’s over and done
Believe in love forever
And love will be there to break your fall
If you trust in love, just in love
Know that love would never, break your heart
Love can break your fall”

Here’s another Jody McBrayer song I like;



Enjoy 🙂

9 thoughts on “Love Can Break Your Fall

  1. I’m having a de javu moment. Beautiful piece as always. Didn’t get to hear the last song. So you’ll have to give it to me. Elder Sister power!


  2. ij nice one here, i love your stories, i love your blog, its kool, well done, and for the song;love can break your fall, its a beautiful & timeless song, yeah i know it way back then but the message is still as strong as ever, thanks for bringing it out again. i think i should come pick up songs from u, what do you think?


  3. I.J (pls permit me to call you by this). . .I LOVE YOU – everything on your web space.
    I’m still listening to the song ‘Love can break your fall’,
    I want to pick up songs from You – I yearn for songs in this genre. Please I’ll pay the price if any. Thanks.


  4. “And don’t say its love that broke your heart
    When you trusted someone
    Cuz love’s the victim not the crime”

    You’ll help me understand the lyrics better. Thanks.


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