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Sometimes We Need To Fall Apart

We don’t always have to be strong.

Sometimes our strength is expressed in being vulnerable.

Sometimes we need to fall apart to regroup and stay on track.

We all have days when we cannot push any harder,
cannot hold back self-doubt,
cannot stop focusing on fear,
cannot be strong.

There are days when we cannot focus on being responsible. Sometimes we cry in front of people. We expose our tiredness, irritability, or anger.
Those days are okay.

Part of taking care of ourselves means we give ourselves permission to “fall apart” when we need to. We do not need to be perpetual towers of strength.

We ARE strong.

We have proven that our strength will continue if we allow us the courage to feel scared, weak, and vulnerable when we need to experience those feelings.

Today, help me to know that it is okay
to allow myself to be human.

Help me not to feel guilty or punish myself when I need to “fall apart.”

~Author unknown~

The sin is not in falling, for we ALL fall short.
The sin is in failing to get up.


11 thoughts on “Sometimes We Need To Fall Apart

  1. I sooo love this. One gets tired of being “super woman” at times.

    ps: sure you’re fine…haven’t exchanged text msgs this month. 🙂

  2. Thanks for sharing….this is our humanity. Even Jesus wept; became weary; wanted “this cup” pass from Him. We wouldn’t consider Him weak would we? No, the scriptures say when we are weak then is Gods strength made perfect; then indeed are we strong!

  3. Very true…I’m only coming round to allowing myself to let go. Too often men are reminded they have to be strong and eventually bottle up so much when they have to let go, its so intense it could cause emotional and nervous damage.

    I’ll try to remember this more often and of course let off some steam over a few bottles of beer and peppersoup 🙂

  4. *sigh*…This message is so for me. My tear ducts rebelled against me last weekend with the intense physical pain I suffered.
    After crying, I was so chagrined ehn (I threatened to kill my friend if word of my breakdown got out) hehehe.

    Learning to let go and let His strength be expressed through me.Therein is my strength made perfect!

    Thanks for sharing.

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