Babatunde Gbolahan Sindiku Bakare

I love this man! What shall I write to tell of how much I love this man? How shall I express my gratitude?

His wife and children are called Blessed because of him. The authentic Mrs. B. is an amazingly calm and beautiful woman. More than twice, she has touched my heart and filled it with love. Or should I tell you about my personal person, Segun or of the one I like to carry and who calls me ‘pirate’?

This man has been a father to me, still is. I have learnt so much from him. He taught me to never go the way of compromise because short cuts are usually long in the long run. He showed me the way to God and has always hammered and re-iterated that I must know God for myself. He is not a prayer contractor.

He has told me times without number how I am a mighty seed of a mighty God. He has not only taught me how to be a person of integrity but he walked the talk. He gives practical examples and shares personal experiences, letting me know when he misses it sometimes and how to get back in line with God. His heart beats for Christ, the blood in his veins jump for joy at any chance to please his Maker, his King, his Friend, his God.

The uncompromising non-conformist. He is raising a people of integrity, purpose, excellence and power with passion for Jesus and addiction for God’s kingdom. This will never change. He always stands on the side of truth regardless of tribe, status or political party. He stays dancing to the beat of a different drum.

His heart yearns for the betterment of the people. His desire is to see Nigeria flourish again.

He is a RADICAL opposition to corruption no matter how some people try to paint it otherwise. I have many times wanted to scream at some people on social media when they write terrible things about him that I know for certain are not true, but hey, the man himself says we should not defend him. I have worked with him for nigh 5 years and I can truly say that he is a man of his word. He speaks truth, he speaks the word of God, his heart beats for a better Nigeria.

He is a father in every sense of the word!

He has skillfulness of hand and has taught me to be excellent especially with my job or whatever work my hands find to do. I and mine are determined to preserve his legacy. His labour is definitely not in vain. It is an honour to call you my pastor and I am proud to call you father.

Indeed, he soars on the two wings of the great eagle!

Happy 58th birthday dearest Pastor Babatunde Gbolahan Sindiku Bakare. The Lord will keep you strong and sheltered in His loving arms.

The Bakare men

The Bakare men

8 thoughts on “Babatunde Gbolahan Sindiku Bakare

  1. His doctrine I know fully, manner of life, purpose, faith, longsuffering, charity, patience, persecutions, afflictions and many others is a challenge to me that I daily trust God for grace to live it in my own life. He is indeed a great blessing. God bless n keep him n cause him to enjoy the fruit of his labour…Amen


  2. He’s a beautiful man inside out. What I’ve learnt under his mentorship has helped me to stand in the face of storms. Thanks father, and my pastor.


  3. I bet u a million dollars that I love him more than u do*tongue out*.thks for d write-up IJ.He is a different breed.our pastor,ahead of his time.We love u sir


  4. Aaahh! The integrity of the righteous, especially those who put others on the right path.They shine like stars forever. Dan 12:3
    Blessed is he!
    Your words did my heart a lot of good. I bet he woulda been pleased if he read this post.

    P.s; *clears throat*.…are all the younger Bakare men taken? 🙂
    Sight for sore eyes, I tell you


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