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Up NEPA!!!

On Tuesday morning as I was getting ready to go to work, NEPA/PHCN took light by 6am on the dot. That was very weird because they usually leave it on till about noon, take it then restore it around 8 or 9pm. So as soon as it happened, I knew something had gone wrong.

When I got home that day, NEPA had still not restored power. And yes, I still call them ‘NEPA’. Can’t seem to flow with the ‘PHCN’. Sleep that night was t-e-r-r-i-b-l-e especially with the heat. My God!

It was the same story when I got back from work on Wednesday. Then I started praying – praying that the transformer had not blown, praying that some wire somewhere had not fried, praying that someone would not wait a whole week before going to the NEPA office to complain, praying that God would do a miracle and make everything all right.


I was watching a video on my phone when the light bulb in my room flashed! I jumped up from the bed because I couldn’t believe my eyes. I was elated!

UP NEPA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Yes, the exclamation marks are necessary.)

Now, this is the reason I decided to write about this – there is this feeling I get whenever NEPA takes lightΒ and restores it. I feel like nothing is impossible. I feel like all is finally well with the world and in the world! I feel like I can iron 50 clothes in 5 minutes. I feel like I can fill all the buckets and drums with enough water to last a year. I feel like I can forgive my parents anything.

I feel like I can conquer the world!


Meeeennnn! Do you understand what I am saying? Do you feel me? I mean, do you know what I am talking about?




17 thoughts on “Up NEPA!!!

  1. You didn’t tell us why the light just disappeared at that unusual time o.

    Btw….I now hiss when NEPA restores light, cos for me its more like they purposefully want you to know that you should never have expectations cos they could just as well cut the supply within minutes or seconds sef.

  2. Ha! IJ, I sincerely do. Even with inverter and generator, I’m always grateful when “Nepa brings light” πŸ™‚

  3. Exhilartion we have become accustomed with. A tradition with my generation, of hopes and fears, gripping the mind, making each of us prayer warriors(worriers) while we sometimes hiss. Just like corruption this custom must give way to true civilization, deliverance from subjugative and oppressive government by our own fellow citizens, so we can experience development as we grow, giving rise to an enviable community, a lasting legacy to the forthcoming generation.

  4. Some topics are just too interesting. NEPA is one.
    For the past three weeks I can only hear the sound of generators only in our compound. The compound behind us (a face me I face you) that built a house for generators of all sizes are now on leave from going to the generator house.
    I started wondering if the landlord baned gen sets in that compound. Only to find out that their light has been on for all that time.
    I became jealous. You know what I mean?

  5. My dear, I feel you wella! But we’ve not had light for over 2 days now and its unbearable coupled with the heat. I wonder when nepa will be privatized like the telecomms sector was so that there’ll be some level of sanity in that sector too.

  6. NEPA blues…

    They moved you to write about the situation, I see.

    Ultimately, it’s a feeling of hope. That things can be better.

    I usually try to calm some of my friends who react whenever little kids in the area shout “Up NEPA”. My defence consists of recalling that they are kids.

    Then I see it a celebration of hope. That after darkness has come the “light”. After the searing heat has come the cool breeze of [man-made] breeze.

    The Bart Nnaji “mini-revolution” gave us a brief glimpse into what stable power could look like.

    Keep celebrating the re-ignition of hope. In its absence of hope, we start to die to the future.

  7. I FEEL YOU dear, that feeling of doing everything @ the same time when the light is being restored,hmm,i find myself sometimes screaming ”Up NEPA” too

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