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The Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Samsung Galaxy Nexus from Google
Samsung Galaxy Nexus from Google

Jesse Oguntimehin decided to do his followers some good and let them experience a phone operating system that they have never used before so he asked people to signify by raising their hands on twitter if they were interested in using the Samsung Galaxy Nexus (Android Operating System), Apple’s iPhone (iOS) or the Nokia Pureview 808. I had not had the opportunity to ‘taste’ the Android OS so I told him I wanted the Nexus and he obliged šŸ™‚

The handing over ceremony was last Saturday on the Cc_HUB rooftop. The deal was to use the phone for two weeks and let him know our experience.


Samsung Galaxy Nexus


I have to say that I have fallen in love with this phone though my heart’s desire is still the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. I was impressed with its features and theĀ AndroidĀ operating system. I thought I would have a problem with the size of it but I didn’t because the phone is not heavy and I like the way it fit in my palm. It didn’t fit in any of my pockets though, so I always had to put it in my bag šŸ˜¦

The e-mail features are wonderful and much better than Blackberry’s features in my opinion. I can attach all kinds of files. I had to use my Airtel SIM on it so I was forced to use their internet service and I was impressed. Very impressed. But I always feared for my airtime. The cost of data for a big consumer like me can put me in debt. Other than that, na to just leave wireless on and connect in the office. This is dangerous because there are people like John from Person ofĀ InterestĀ lurking around looking to force pair your phone and listen in on all your conversations…




I enjoyed the beautiful emoticons on whatsapp. I wonder if those things are different for every phone. Facebook and Twitter were fluid too although I was finding it difficult to view/read conversations on twitter until one day I turned the phone sideways and they all came tumbling down. I also found out that the text counter wasn’t showing how many letters I had left or had typed. For someone like me who is an avid texter, it was very troubling. I always needed to know if I had exceeded the one page limit, two page limit etc etc. I laterĀ discoveredĀ that what it does is let you know know when you have about 5 spaces left. *rolls eyes*


I cropped Jesse's photo of the phone
I cropped Jesse’s photo of the phone


What I really REALLY enjoyed was watching videos on it. Absolutely beautiful. The screen is just right enough to not be too small (I HATE watching movies or videos on small screens) and just large enough to be bearable. I looked forward to sitting on my bed and watching all the youtube videos I had downloaded during the day or whatever episode of whatever series I was watching at the time. The battery life is very good but it takes quite sometime to charge especially when theĀ batteryĀ is drained.

I enjoyed using this phone. It was an experience indeed. I’m preparing my heart and mind for when I go back to the freezing Blackberry šŸ˜¦

Thank you for the phone, Jesse.


P.S. My birthday is coming… I know what I would love for a birthday gift and two of them are mentioned here. But cash is still ALWAYS acceptable anytime šŸ˜€



4 thoughts on “The Samsung Galaxy Nexus

  1. Good PR. You have indeed convinced me that Samsung should be given a chance in my heart. I only hope a good one “walks in” through my door freely


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