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Tears in my eyes (The Cindy Story Series)

Hallo you. How have you and yours been? Welcome to February! *rings bell*

Okay, so I have another guest blogger starting a series today. The first guest blogger I had was Abiola Adesanya and she wrote this absolutely stunning piece – The Blame Game. Go read it if you haven’t and if you have, go read it again ๐Ÿ˜€

So, a friend of mine (Ope Ojo) sends me a message about me needing to read something a friend of his wrote and I agreed and I also asked for permission to post on my blog and he agreed! His name is Dare Shokunbi ๐Ÿ˜€

I will be publishing each part of the series every Friday until it is done.

Lemme know what you think, okay? Enjoy…

Part 1

Shanny had always expected an answer to her greatest question but her mom always refused to give an answer. She has decided to get an answer today. Her mom Cindy had divorced her husband and was ready to get married again. She rushed down the stairs to approach the door picking her car keys. Shanny was at the door with a gun to her head. Cindy shouted, “Shanny! Oh my God!”

Shanny said, “Mom, give me an answer or else I pull the trigger.”

Cindy searched for her phone in the bag but suddenly looked beside Shannyโ€™s foot and noticed that she had smashed it. This looked so well planned. Shanny was ready for her mum.

Life often times asks us questions and we fail to give an answer. It is like a car that keeps giving you a warning sign but you fail to give attention to it. There is always a time to clear your head. A time to shut down your phones and give answers to the relationship that is not working, to the things that you doubt about yourself. Don’t wait till you are under pressure to answer the questions of life.
Written by Dare Shokunbi


Dare Shokunbi




7 thoughts on “Tears in my eyes (The Cindy Story Series)

  1. Short but precise.yeah,we tend to pretend that all’s really well even when we ought to pause to do proper re-assessing b4 its 2 late.a beautiful re-awakener.


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