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Her Grandma’s Love

She went to see her grandma over the holidays. She never used to have the liberty to go see her grandma whenever she wanted because her parents would not let her. She was told her grandma was a very wicked woman who had killed her son and also dabbled in diabolical activities. The woman scared her!

But over the years, as she grew older, bolder and freer, she developed a mind of her own and a keen sense of judgment. She found that her grandma was not as bad as they said. Her grandma was delightful in her own way. She was still a little scared of her but still… Her grandma’s cooking was very healthy and delicious, her house was a place to come to especially when you needed to rest your head – quiet, peaceful and sufficient. There was power and whenever PHCN failed, a generator. There was running water and fruit trees everywhere in the compound. Her grandma was once a dietitian and had also worked in the Nigerian Air Force before. Her grandma was a wonderful woman.

They were catching up on each other’s lives when her grandma suddenly blurted, “Ehen, what did they say is wrong with you? Arthritis kwa? From where, biko? Tell them no oh. In fact just give it all to me.”

She reached out and laid both her palms on her grand daughter’s knees and started ‘transferring’ the ailment to her own knees saying, “Please give it all to me oh. It is not for you, my daughter.”

In all her twenty-something years on this earth, only one person had said something as wonderful as that to her. Her father had never said anything like that to her before. The thought would never cross her mother’s mind in a million years. Is this the same woman they told her was a wicked woman? Is she the same person telling her to transfer the arthritis to her? Almost like what Christ did on the cross for all of us, just that He gave His life instead. You can rationalize it and say the eighty four year old woman was old so it would be normal for her to accept the ailment but she knew better. Her grandma loved her and wanted the very best for her in this life. She had not only said it but showed it. She was in her late twenties and experiencing the love of a parent for the first time.

Her mind was blown by the love of her grandma.







5 thoughts on “Her Grandma’s Love

  1. Wow, behold what manner of love!:) you can’t judge a book by its cover or by what people say about its pages. You need to open it, look through it and read it for yourself to be able to make an informed, unbiased & objective decision or conclusion about it.

  2. Wow. Nigerian and this “witchy witchy mentality”… Although we realIy can’t wish away the fact that the world is full of wicked people…

    And the profile of her grandma is so posh ooo.

    indeed she loves her granddaughter… Revel in this new found love granddaughter, while it lasts.

    God help us that we won’t push away goodwill and opportunities all cos of some wrong assumption and superstition.

    God bless grandma for making her feel so loved, she sure deserves it.

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