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He Loved by Joseph J. Mazzella

I stared at the blank page nervously. The school assignment was to write your own obituary but how was I supposed to write a summation of my life when I hadn’t even lived it yet?

I looked to my left and right and saw people pouring paragraphs out of their pens. I tried to think of what I wanted to accomplish in my life but my crazily racing thoughts crashed into each other. I glanced back at my clean sheet of paper and my writer’s block intensified. I tried to imagine the man I wanted to become but couldn’t see him clearly. Looking up at the clock on the wall I saw that there were only fifteen minutes left in class. Finally, in a panic I scribbled down a few sentences of what I hoped someday to do and turned it in. Let’s just say when I got the paper back it wasn’t the highest grade I had ever gotten.

If I had that assignment to do over today, however, I think that my obituary would be even shorter. It would probably get me an F on the assignment, but it would get me an A in life. In fact, I would sum it up in two words: He Loved.

To love is what I want to do today, tomorrow, and for the rest of my life. To love is what living is all about. The rest is just details.

Everything about living well and good and right is wrapped up in the arms of love. To love is to serve, to give, to be kind, and to help others. To love is to have joy and to bring joy as well. To love is to make this world a better place just by being in it. To love is to create a little Heaven everyday while still here on Earth. To love is to be the wonderful child, caring parent, tender spouse, fantastic friend, and beautiful person that you have always wanted to be. To love is to become the bright, shining soul that God meant for you to become.

Fill your days with love then and you will have truly lived. Fill yourself with love and you will be the best possible you. Fill your life with love and your obituary will take care of itself.


~Joseph J. Mazzella~



8 thoughts on “He Loved by Joseph J. Mazzella

  1. This is something a lot of people should have in mind as they go about their daily lives. What would we like to be known for. I mean take a good look at Goldie, I remember how Nigerians talked about how she was a mumu on BBA last year.

    Seems she’s had the last laugh now because despite this, she is mainly remembered as caring and loving after her unfortunate demise and really, that is what matters cos that is how she will be remembered – the caring and loving girl. I mean even her BBA contestants didn’t believe people like her existed and must have been faking it. Her husband’s testimony is just enough proof.


  2. Spot on! I couldn’t agree more!

    Too beautiful and profound! It doesn’t get any clearer or simpler, the picture of lives we should lead.
    The giver of this life is the definition of love afterall, not oblivious of the fact that, what gives life to a thing, sustains it.


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