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The fear of pain and the fear of offense

The fear of pain and the fear of offense… which is greater?

My Adams, he is very good with giving accurate examples. If he is talking to you and you seem not to have an understanding of what he is saying, just tell him to give you an example and I swear, your mind will be blown. You can trust me on that.

So, he told me this story…

A man was investigating a crime and sneaked into the suspect’s house to find evidence, if he could. While he was at it he heard the suspect pull up in his car. He tried to make his way out but not before the man came in and noticed someone must have been in the house. The said suspect walked to the back door to see if he would find anybody there or see anyone leaving or at least a see sign that someone was actually in the house.

He saw that his sliding door was slightly open so he went outside and found the investigator trying to escape. He asked the investigator what he was doing there and since they were previously acquainted he managed to start a conversation with him. The investigator said he was just taking a walk through the woods. Then the killer-guy asked him to come inside for a drink and he obliged.

The killer had a set of knives on the table and he noticed that one was missing, he asked the investigator  to please return his knife then he offered him a drink. While they drank and made petty talk about the investigation, the killer could deduce from the evasive answers he got that the investigator must have realized that he was the serial killer they were looking for so he reached for his gun and pointed it at the investigator.

He said to the investigator, “You knew something was wrong from the moment I asked you to come in for a drink. You knew I wanted to kill you but yet, you came in. Did I force you? Did I threaten you? No! But they fear of offending someone is much greater than one’s fear of pain or death so you came.”

The rest, as they say, is history.



What say ye?



6 thoughts on “The fear of pain and the fear of offense

  1. lol. Good example. gotten from the movie: The Girl With The Dragon Tatoo.

    Obviously in such situations, u would oblige. weird but true.


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