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Tears in my eyes (The Cindy Story Series) Part 4

So, we have finally come to the end of this series. Please let me and Dare know what you thought of it by leaving your comments before you go 🙂


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The Conclusion

“I loved Ken so much and never wanted to hurt him but there was a whole lot that I battled with and kept away from him. After we got married, I needed a job badly as Ken’s job could not pay the bills. I had to pick up a job with a law firm on one condition, to sleep with the CEO who was as young as my husband. I had to do it for the family since we were expecting our daughter Shanny. We went out several times although he never had an affair with me after the first meeting but he always wanted me to keep him company. He just enjoyed being with me although he also had a family. I felt I was being unfair to Ken. I never wanted to continue but needed to keep my job. I was not in love with anyone but I felt guilt all the way. I just could not cope with seeing myself doing such a terrible thing to such a faithful man as Ken. I never told Ken because I couldn’t take it from anybody if I was in his shoes. I so very sorry.”
She began to cry. Ken smiled and held her close to his heart. Shanny was s stunned. Ken said, “I’m sorry I led you to this, I couldn’t take care of you. I lay it upon myself and not on you. I still love you. If I had a choice to remarry, I’ll still choose you. In fact, I’ve been waiting for you to come back for two years. Will you still be my wife?”
It was like a dream as the story began anew. Ken now works with a multinational company and can now pay the bills. Do you ever wonder what their new life will be like?

Morale: The love of God surpasses every evil. His love is unconditional and He can always take you back. In the same way, husbands should love their wives as Christ love the church – unconditionally. Secondly, couples should always communicate their fears and pain to each other to avoid breaking up. Don’t take a decision that will affect your family negatively.

Written by Dare Shokunbi.

Dare Shokunbi



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