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Never Give Up


I still remember the day I saw this picture.

It stopped me in my tracks. I thought about all the times I had been close to giving up on people, on Nigeria, on issues, on this life, on friends, on dreams… And I thought of all the things I did give up on. I’m sure not ALL of them were meant to be pursued but I am concerned about the ones I gave up on when all I needed was to hold on for a little while longer.

To keep the faith.

To be strong for just a few more days.

To forgive just one more time and one more time again and just one more time…

Lord, help us to love as You have loved us.

If you haven’t seen Won’t Back Down, I recommend that you do. It tells about fighting through obstacles and being focused on the things that actually matter in this life.

Won't Back Down
Won’t Back Down

You should also try 3 Idiots. Now, that right there is an A-M-A-Z-I-N-G movie! Forever and EVER!


3 Idiots
3 Idiots

God bless you… and yours.




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