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What is the Purpose of Complaining?

A woman (or man) who can’t stop complaining must eventually ask herself (himself) this question: “What exactly am I complaining for?”.
Truly, and I don’t mean this in a duplicitous way. I mean “What is the purpose of complaining?” Not the reason for. There is ALWAYS a reason to complain, but if there is no purpose – nothing to gain from complaining – then there is no use complaining, as far as I’m concerned.
It is time for some action.

~Culled from the musings of Tolani Ajao in Seffi Atta’s beautiful novel, Swallow~

6 thoughts on “What is the Purpose of Complaining?

  1. Indeed there is no reason,finding solutions to our problems is the best way to solve them. Complain takes us no where it only give room to stagnation.


  2. Complaining is the language of slaves! It’s possible to stop complaining as the good book encourages us to do all things without murmuring and complaining.


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