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Where Are The Fathers?

These are a few tweets from Somachi which she posted earlier today and I thought to share. It reminds me of a TD Jakes song on the album He-Motions titled Where Are The Fathers? You can read the lyrics here – Where Are The Fathers lyrics.








I can’t say that I have had what she has so obviously enjoyed but God is gracious and has kept me through. I know He will bring us all through but if you are father or an intending father, you need to check these things and make corrections where necessary.




3 thoughts on “Where Are The Fathers?

  1. I hear Somachi, loud and clear.

    The thing is, it often takes a lot for you to believe in (and support) another, if someone else had not believed in you at some point.

    Faith is both learned and imparted.

    Many of the young men have not had the example of a truly supportive father in their experience to draw on in building their own families. They are often “learning as they go along” (assuming they are humble enough to learn) or failing without understanding why.

    To truly be there for another, you have to have a healthy sense of self-esteem, a positive attitude about the future, and selfless (and aware) eyes, to see the potential in the other person. And this comes, in my opinion, by having a healthy world view borne of personal experience, emotional stability, and spiritual maturity in your belief system.

    So a further question is this: how are our young boys going to be taught to be strong, dependable, supportive and upright individuals now and as they grow up (in spite of the many forces pulling them in other directions).

    I think society (especially churches and other institutions of moral instruction) have a role to play in this regard.


  2. Our Fathers might have slept on duty but God is raising a new crop of fathers who will put their children on their shoulders so that they can reach higher, fathers that will cancel appoints just to be at their kids games, fathers that will not molest daughters and their mothers, fathers that will not be intimidated about the success of their wives, fathers and not mere men that will eat the children’s future, God is raising Fathers that are both priest and kings, priest bcos they will show their family the way of God and kings bcos they will be able to provide for the needs of their family, God is raising Fathers that though their is immorality, corruption every where but they will stand out and not mingle with the vice society thinking if u can’t beat them join ’em.

    You and I and everyone that fears the Lord God almighty are the Fathers that God raising. My children with touch the skies bcos I touched the stars, my children will reach higher bcos we gave our backs and shoulders for them to climb, our children will love their families bcos God thru us communicated values to them.

    We will by God’s unwavering Grace teach our children, love our children, bless our children, carry them on our shoulders, put them on our heads, help them in any way Godly so that they can be better fathers, mothers, sisters, aunts, uncle and above all men and women that God will be proud to say “Have u considered my servant Job?”


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