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Edidiong I. Ibok

Edidiong Ibok


She’s my friend, she’s my confidante, she has always had my back and she is a sharp shooter. She says it as it is and she doesn’t mince words. She loves her God passionately and she has such a wonderfully beautiful heart.

When I was sick unto admission in Ife, she bathe me, clothe me and wiped the vomit from my lips and mouth. She carried me to the hospital, she fed me and shouted at me when I couldn’t hold anything down. She hugged me and prayed for me. I remember those days in Ipetumudun(sp?), Ife where we were studying for our A’ levels. It was the first time I entered into a boarding house and shared rooms and toilets with other ladies apart from my sisters. It was also the first time I was in close, everyday contact with Edidiong, we shared a room. No be small thing oh! Edidiong is a power-house. Amazing personality, really. I watched the way she carried herself and how she related with the other students. She showed a maturity I had not seen in people twice our age. I was grateful for this because it kept me grounded.

Did I tell you that she is the best cook around? Meeehhnnn, you need to taste of her delicacies. You will never be the same again! πŸ™‚


I am blessed to call her friend. I remember when I used to admire her from afar. I loved how tall she was/is (6 feet plus) and she carried herself so magnificently. A number of people have tried to bust her confidence but y’all ain’t succeeding, ya heard?!

If anyone had told me we would be friends, I would have laughed really hard but by God’s gracious hand, here we are today. I love my Edi and I know she loves me… even though she tries to form sometimes. Edidiong helped me get over my self-esteem issues and did not just settle for telling me I smelled bad but taught me how to overcome it.


Edidiong and her mum
Edidiong and her mum

That’s her mum; a very precious woman with an amazing story. One day, I will write about these things but I leave them be for now…

Happy birthday my beautiful, darling Edidiong Ibok. I love you πŸ™‚




19 thoughts on “Edidiong I. Ibok

  1. Happy birthday, Edidiong. You sure are a Boeing-load of friendship and blessings. Smiling Queen, thanks to you I’ve got my quote for the day. πŸ˜€

    PS: I won’t ask about the cake o. πŸ˜‰


  2. This brought tears to my eyes, not just because it is well written but the sincerity with which you told the story.
    I remember those days too. (DJ I.J and other nicknames) You guys were close despite your seeming differences.
    This is a beautiful tale of friendship. We should have more of your kind in this world, sooner than later the world will be a better place.

    Happy Birthday Didi Ibok! And yes she is an awesome cook.


  3. You don’t have to be too good or good at all, as long as you find yourself in between Pearl’s pen and paper (or better still, between her fingers and her tablet) you can become anything. For Pearl makes out of simple folks gods (and in this case a goddess). You are such a wonderful writer. You turn true life stories into Fairy tales, and give more fortunes to those whose stories you make so beautiful.


  4. Eddidiong, Thank you for being such a wonderful friend to Pearl all the way and i wish you a happy belated birthday.

    May you continue to smile and bring joy to people around and May God give to you double the blessings you have been to others.

    I can testify that Eddy has a lovely personality and quite likable, as per the cooking, guess i will have to find out :D.

    God bless these two friends for us. xoxo.


  5. Forgive me for just reading this post,i have to say Her Royal Highness Edi is a great cook,protective like a mother hen and loves Pearl (i also know she does ).She has a large heart,a friend that sticks close like a sister,I’m glad you both kept the friendship. Happy Belated Birthday Edi,the world is a better place because you are in it. ; – )


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