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A fEw ThInGs

Happy birthday darling Biola. *big hug* It has only just begun…



And happy birthday to one who is becoming a good friend… Tunde Fajimi.

Tunde Fajimi
Tunde Fajimi


I don’t remember ever having experienced 24 hours power supply in my twenty something years on this earth but I just had that opportunity a few weeks ago. It was abso-freaking-lutely mind blowing! My God! I spent a week and a day in a place where I didn’t know if we were on NEPA or gen and it didn’t make any difference because everything still worked as usual – the refrigerators and the iron. But it made a difference in my life, lemme tell you. I already have a lot to think and worry about on a normal day; how to save enough to pay my rent, the security, LAWMA and electricity bills, whether there’s ingredients at home for Uju to cook us something for dinner or if I would have to forgo dinner altogether, if today is our off day or not and whether there would be light for me to iron my clothes, hoping that there’s enough water in the drum outside in case there’s no light to pump water, hoping the technician will still be able to come service the gen in time, going to buy fuel… *heavy sigh*

Imagine if I (we) did not have to think and worry about half of that. Take a minute and imagine please… I think I experienced a kind of culture shock. I mean, even Uju’s mind cleared enough for her to start asking me one day when we were being chaffeur-driven to the cinema, “Ijeoma, what kind of business should we start doing?” I laughed out loud and told her that shebi it’s because she doesn’t have anything to worry about again that she’s thinking of business.


Aunty Mosun, Adedayo Onafuwa, Obianuju and Ayo Enyabine
Aunty Mosun, Adedayo Onafuwa, Obianuju and Ayo Enyabine


Anyway, something else happened that week and it was ‘Seun Ajasa who started it. I really do have to say a big thank you to you, Seun. You have allowed yourself to be used by God in this by letting Him use you to push me into my purpose and destiny, I say a hearty thank you. It is abinibi not ability!  I want to thank my support team during this journey – Tamaraebibomu and my sister Uju, for constantly checking to see what was happening. Thank you Bobola Onigold and my Oregun people especially Tope Omotunde who never EVER says ‘no’ or ‘I am busy’ whenever I ask for his help, and believe me, I have pestered him no be small. He takes the time to help me even when they are on a deadline. Aunty Mosun Olulade, thank you for an unbelievable one week that I won’t ever forget and thank you for your encouragement and support. Uju and I are really looking forward to doing it again *shines teeth*. But most of all, thank you for introducing me to Afolake Bello, she is a force to reckon with and even though she had only known me a day, she invited me in and harboured me and reached out to me. I am ever grateful. To ‘Doyin Akinwunmiju who has still not billed me for his services, I appreciate your help immensely. We still have a lot to do.

He who has believed in me for so so long, especially when I didn’t see anything in myself. He who has loved me even when I hurt him deeply, who forgives before I think to ask his forgiveness, who loves me as Christ loved the church, who has searched for purpose with me and encouraged me to take the first step when the opportunity presented itself. The one I call Red. I thank thee with all my heart and I love you. Yes, my dear, were born for great things. Yes, even for greatness.

Papa God, all the glory to you. You have given me so much, thank you!




There’s something that has been running around in my head – when having a conversation with one’s best friend or close friend or ‘adopted’ sisters, brothers, uncle and aunties is it okay to say “I am broke” and not expect them to perform? I have to be truthful and say that when I am broke I have an expectation of them to perform only if they can or are able to but sometimes I am only replying the “how are you?” question and being honest in conversation. Is it okay to express one’s state and not lay the burden on them?

Anyways, what am I saying? When I’m broke, I NEED saving! I need performance.



Candice Glover
Candice Glover

I am absolutely delighted for Candice Glover, the latest American Idol! I have loved her since Hollywood week and she has such a powerfully amazing voice. She deserves to win American Idol. You go girl! Very soon, she’ll become the same size as Jennifer Hudson.



So, it is no secret that I adore Chimamanda Ngzoi Adichie. In fact, it is so bad that some of my friends point out her interviews in papers, her photos online and her digital foot print to me whenever they come across it. I don’t think anyone has as many videos of her as I do. I do a thorough search for wherever her name comes up and I download every video I can find of her. Don’t blame me, you only need to hear her speak then you will understand what I am saying. Shes so beautiful and she speaks so well PLUS she is crazy funny!

I have said all that to say this – I know where to draw the line. I know what to take and what to leave. I know when to say ‘enough’.

I just remembered that ‘Biola Adesanya was the first person to buy me a Chimamanda book. Half of a Yellow Sun. Adams is the second person *hugs*


Hear ye!
Hear ye!


There’s this one thing I see in movies a lot that I have always wanted to do. In a fit of passion, frustration or rage, I want to swipe everything off a table top with my hands! It looks so cool when they do it in the movies… But I’m worried about having to sweep up the mess and clean up after. Hiohiohiohio


the people don't know their true power._Img01




Ifeanyi, here is that which you asked for…



That’s all folks!

God bless you.




19 thoughts on “A fEw ThInGs

  1. Thank you also for being there. Great to have u realizing that purpose of yours!
    Next time ur going to Aunty Mosun’s place for a week, take me along o! Hehehehe.

    And boo-hoo to ur Candice Glover tribute. She’s too content with her size, she will NEVER be like Jennifer Hudson. Mcheeeew. Angie Miller fan all the way! :p


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