An Unusual (Fl)air of Honesty and (Im)modesty

“Sometimes it is needful to end a friendship, while at other times the virtue lies in holding on to one. To not allow someone else’s weakness get in the way of love; to not allow your own shame, pain or pride get in the way of holding on. Sometimes, there is very little virtue in moving on really; no strength of character, no ability to remain steadfast. Friendship, just as most things good, come at a price. And sometimes, the virtue lies in you paying the price on someone else’s behalf. In allowing a score be settled in the other person’s favour, without keeping records.


But never grudgingly, and never coerced.”


Some pretty interesting things have happened over the past couple of days. I wasn’t sure what name to give this post initially, as I had a couple of working titles; but I shall try and work them into this post as best I can.

I think I’m a really cool person. At least I think so most of the time. I pretty much thank God for making me Me on a regular basis. I wouldn’t wish to be anyone else (anymore). I quite enjoy being myself.. that is, most of the time. Those days I don’t, I wish I was different.


What does that mean anyway..?

I used to consider myself just a tad different, then weird. Now I just smile when people look at me and say there’s something rather unusual about me. A breath of fresh air? Perhaps. I smile.

But then, those days…

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