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“A Hole In The Heart”

I have come out of laziness hibernation because it is very important that I blog about this… Don’t worry, I will gist you about the laziness very soon in another post but I sincerely apologize for being silent for so long. I mean, it’s been like three months. Three whole months and not one blog post! Sheesh!

Anyways, I am about to invite you to come see a stage play on the 15th of October by 3.30pm in Excellence hotel. I’m pretty excited about it because I have seen Legacy-In-Motion in motion before – not just once but three times at least and I have been blown away by them. Don’t say I didn’t tell you oh! Ehen!

October 15th is going to be a holiday, so don’t look for any excuse. I have already spoken to GEJ about it, don’t worry…



A Hole in the Heart
Do you have a hole in your heart?

In a bid to attain fulfillment and satisfaction, a well-to-do family; the Akanbis, are caught up in the storms of life. They battle forces within and without in search of more wealth, accomplishments and peace. Will each family member be able to fill that hole in their heart, or will they be caught up in the downward spiral that had swallowed others before? 

A Hole In The Heart

Eternity is written in the hearts of men.

It is a universal human experience to have a constant longing for something better out of life. This stems from several inadequacies, from money to fame, love to pleasure, and so on.

Legacy-In-Motion, a budding Dance and Drama team, brings to Lagos it’s maiden full-fledged stage play titled; “A Hole In The Heart“. At Excellence Hotel’s 800-seater Banquet Hall, by 3:30pm, scripted words become LIVE actions as a youthful cast revive the fading stage theatre culture, to tell a story centered on the challenges of a well-to-do family.


In a bid to satisfy the audience on the mainland, who have invariably suffered the dearth of theatre, the venue chosen is in the heart of Ikeja – Ogba Aguda, to be precise. It promises to be a worthwhile 2 hours for everyone seeking a place to relax on the public holiday, Tuesday, 15th of October, 2013. Did we mention that gate fee is FREE?!

You don’t want to miss this… Brought to you by a budding Dance/Drama team – Legacy In Motion.


Legacy-In-Motion is the Drama and Dance Unit of the Youth Fellowship of The Latter Rain Assembly. In their three-year existence, they have restricted their performances to the confines of their youth meetings. Over the years, they have been well received in-house and have been encouraged to take their talents to a wider audience. A Hole In The Heart is their first attempt in staging a play targeted at the general audience.

For seats please contact: Tamara on 08071823712

On Jumia


A Hole in the Heart
A Hole in the Heart


8 thoughts on ““A Hole In The Heart”

  1. Thank God it is a work free day. I will be there by God’s grace. I can’t wait to see these young talented bros and sis in MOTION


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