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Ope Ojo’s reply to Hate the Sin, Love the Sinner

So my dear friend, Opeyemi S. Ojo sent me a mail in reply to my post Hate The Sin, Love The Sinner. After reading it, I thought to put it up because I was feeling what he wrote….

Oh! Sometimes I do. I let loose. I say it the way it is, I reject what I detest.

To those who lift up hands vertically in the name of holiness and then stretch it horizontally to stab fellow humans, I look for their miserable end & wish God wasn’t patient. When justice is marred and truth tainted, the temperature within me rises & I often imagine what my reaction will be if I were God as a human.

These days, I see no better reason to keep quiet when I see a wrong, for silence will be a witness against me. Why should I be castigated for not accepting the norm, why must I be a slave to fellow humans to gain my freedom?

Equity & Liberty should be for everyone & not what masters give to followers.

Most times when I express myself, irrespective of people’s opinion, I feel light & free. Don’t get me wrong, I am not rude, I just feel that if all men were sane and all masters lead with love, few humans like us will barely have a reason to speak our mind the way we do.

These I do because I am who I am and not anyone else. But I haven’t stopped asking for His peace within & His grace to be at peace with all men.


Opeyemi S. Ojo
Opeyemi S. Ojo





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Oya don't go oh, talk ya own here... Thank you :)

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