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Some Christmas cheer for you and yours

I was supposed to put this up on the 24th or the 25th but too many factors militated against it. I had to do this by the skin of my teeth. I almost didn’t put it up at all but I was like, warrahell! So here it is…

Merry Christmas everyone. I’d like to share with you some videos that I totally enjoyed and I hope I don’t finish your data.


Merry Christmas!


This song makes me feel HAPPY!


I’m liking this Ruby.


Demi did WRONG by removing this babe from the competition, walahi.


Have you seen Chuck Norris’ fake real split to rival Van Damme’s? If you have the time/data, take a look at all the other Volvo trucks tests and adverts on their Youtube channel. Some people are performing wonders, I tell you.


I am so looking forward to this movie – Max Lucado’s The Christmas Candle.


As Seyi Owolawi said, this is the best of dark humour. I present to you, Dumb Ways to Die.


Grace Assembly is doing something right. Have you seen their billboards? Good stuff.


*cue James Blunt’s You’re Beautiful*


This movie…


I was impressed with this video and what they achieved.


Do you subscribe to Honest trailers/Screen Junkies on Youtube? Dont wait to be told twice. They have some hilarious videos there.


For all my addicted people.


Hmmmmnnn… Intelligence. Another series to add to the long list.


Naija Boyz for life!


This is one video I regretted watching. There was no substance to it.


Ehen, my brother in law acted a feeemmm oh. I am almost a celebrity by association. Hiohiohiohio πŸ˜€ He’s the one with the guitar. Never knew he had such a lovely voice.


I want to introduce to some and present to others, the amazing Basketmouth… and Bovi! I no know why them go use my name inside that kain thing. Mschewwwwww.


Seyi Law can be real funny too


These guys are genius!


Nna, lekwa movie trailers!



These Wowo Boyz are crazy funny!


You need to see these videos on hsideas. My bestest video is Your Favourite.



There are so many more videos I want to share but…. Anyways, here’s an article I wrote on Akin Akintayo‘s to celebrate his 10th year of consistent blogging –


Have a beautiful Christmas and a wonderful New Year ahead. God bless you and yours. Amen. πŸ™‚




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