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God Bless The USA

        So this song has been done by a number of Americans including my girl, Beyoncé but I think the original is by Lee Greenwood. I have been listening to it a whole lot recently especially since my meeting with Bankole where we discussed a lot of things among which was patriotism. He… Continue reading God Bless The USA


GoodluckEbeleJonathan vs. GeneralMuhammaduBuhari

So there’s this debate, right. It’s been on for more than a year & it rears it’s head once in a while. Are there other options apart from these 2? Please show them to me. These 2 seem to be the most outspoken, they have come out of the closet concerning running in 2015 even… Continue reading GoodluckEbeleJonathan vs. GeneralMuhammaduBuhari