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Where Is The Outrage? Take Action Now!

WHERE IS THE OUTRAGE?! I am quite vexed this morning. I have been following EiE’s petition for Alams especially, to be banned from travelling and I am very disappointed that there have only been less than 1,500 signatures. A thousand five hundred signatures!!! Really?! So where are all the people who were making noise and… Continue reading Where Is The Outrage? Take Action Now!


GoodluckEbeleJonathan vs. GeneralMuhammaduBuhari

So there’s this debate, right. It’s been on for more than a year & it rears it’s head once in a while. Are there other options apart from these 2? Please show them to me. These 2 seem to be the most outspoken, they have come out of the closet concerning running in 2015 even… Continue reading GoodluckEbeleJonathan vs. GeneralMuhammaduBuhari

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Aal Izz Well

This was previously published by me in a note on facebook here. I wrote it in March 2011. Enjoy… Last night I watched an Indian movie titled 3 Idiots and I gotta say thank God for Indian films. My friends Doyin Akinwunmiju & Kingsley Iweka convinced me to go watch it & I finally did… Continue reading Aal Izz Well