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Sara Bareilles – BrAvE

I think it was Tamara who first gave me a Sara Bareilles song titled Gravity a few years ago. Some people or someone danced to it in one of those shows and she wanted me to listen to the song. I was taken in by the song and some of her other songs since then.… Continue reading Sara Bareilles – BrAvE

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Yes! She plays the guitar, she plays the drums, the keyboard… all of it, I tell you, all of it. Isn’t she lovely? 🙂     Insanity… and I don’t mean the workout (exercise video) either! I have heard it said that it is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different… Continue reading INSANITY!


Love Can Break Your Fall

There was a time in my life when all that mattered was music. I was a walking radio. I knew the lyrics of almost all the songs. Music saved me, showed me a better way & renewed my confidence in humanity. My mother introduced us to music. When we were all very young, she would… Continue reading Love Can Break Your Fall


My Identity Is Found In Christ

I love Lecrae and I love Da TRUTH & they went and teamed up on this one. This is a lovely song. Above is not the official video but a video nonetheless but with lyrics. Pay attention to the words, my good people. I love the beat and I love what they’re talking about –… Continue reading My Identity Is Found In Christ