Why I Love Jesus

So, I was nominated by Mary (A.I. Mercygrace) to talk about why I love Jesus. No, it’s not the ALS IceBucketChallenge and it’s not akin to that.

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Why I Love Jesus


I have always wanted to talk about this and I seriously wonder why I never did! Sheesh! Lord, have mercy on this here child…

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How Does Advertising Work?

I have often wondered about this; how does advertising work? How does the advert of a company’s good/product make me, Ijeoma, buy that good/product?

And believe me, I have seen plenty marvellous adverts especially on Youtube; Van Damme’s epic splitThe T-Mobile Welcome Back ad… If I continue, space no go dey.

And hey, have you seen this very beautiful Pomo Rice advert? I LOVE it!



How many goods have I bought because I saw the advert and I was impressed, and then bought it? How about you, have you had any situation like this? Has advertising worked for you? Please tell me oh ‘cos I really want to know.

Etisalat's Nigerian Idol

Etisalat’s Nigerian Idol

The one that is even more perplexing for me is when Etisalat sponsors Nigerian Idol or MTN’s Project Fame etc.

I understand that they can make money from it from just the text messages you send to vote for contestants but I’m more concerned about if the fact that I’m so happy MTN is sponsoring Project Fame will make me go out and get an MTN line knowing how crappy their service can be.


MTN's Project Fame

MTN’s Project Fame


Will I open another account with GTBank because they are sponsoring a show I like, Gidi Up?


By the way, I tried to open a current account with them; I submitted all the forms they required and what not. It’s been over 2 months and shikom, I haven’t heard from them.

I have ka ha bad.


So, let me know, I’m very interested in how this stuff works.




Voting the man not the party

I think I am back to regular programming. I sincerely apologise for the break in transmission and I promise to do better from here on out…

It is like Olatoxic said in this here post, I Forgot, I just forgot how to write.



So, I want to talk about Jimi Agbaje joining the PDP and running for Lagos State governor in 2015.

Jimi Agbaje Joins PDP Ahead Of 2015 Gubernatorial Election In Lagos

I remember that most people were sold on this “voting the man and not the party” thing when GEJ first contested for the presidential elections. Look where we are now. But the thing is, I have always liked Jimi Agbaje and have always wanted him to be governor of Lagos. And the other thing is, I seriously yabbed people who voted for the man and not the party in GEJ’s case.

Jimi Agbaje

Jimi Agbaje

Do you see what I am saying here?

Remember all the “kick PDP out” campaigns and slogans and ish? Well, how do I kick PDP out when I want to vote for Agbaje?

I really like the man and I want to vote for him in 2015.







Quarterly Breakfast Prayer Retreat

Kingslife - Help Cometh (August 2014)

Kingslife – Help Cometh (August 2014)

There is another edition of Kingslife’s Quarterly Breakfast Prayer Meeting coming up on the 2nd of August and you and yours are very invited.
It is tagged “Exploring The Deep Secrets of God“.
It’s on Saturday, August 2, 2014 by 8am prompt.
Ministering – Funlola Craig and Funso Ige.
Venue – NECA House, Plot A2, Hakeem Balogun Street, Central Business District, Alausa, Lagos.
RSVP – 0816 413 5834
Kingslife - Help Cometh (August 2014)

Kingslife – Help Cometh (August 2014)




Sara Bareilles – BrAvE

I think it was Tamara who first gave me a Sara Bareilles song titled Gravity a few years ago. Some people or someone danced to it in one of those shows and she wanted me to listen to the song. I was taken in by the song and some of her other songs since then. So I was delighted when I found out that she had a new single out and I wasn’t let down. This song has been my mantra for a few weeks now, it has helped me say a few things I’d been holding back for a long time.





You can be amazing
You can turn a phrase into a weapon or a drug
You can be the outcast
Or be the backlash of somebody’s lack of love
Or you can start speaking up

Nothing’s gonna hurt you the way that words do
When they settle ‘neath your skin
Kept on the inside and no sunlight
Sometimes a shadow wins
But I wonder what would happen if you

Say what you wanna say
And let the words fall out
Honestly I wanna see you be brave
With what you want to say
And let the words fall out
Honestly I wanna see you be brave

I just want to see you
I just wanna see you
I just wanna see you
I wanna see you be brave

I just wanna see you
I just wanna see you
I just wanna see you
I wanna see you be brave

Everybody’s been there,
Everybody’s been stared down by the enemy
Fallen for the fear
And done some disappearing,
Bow down to the mighty
Don’t run, just stop holding your tongue

Maybe there’s a way out of the cage where you live
Maybe one of these days you can let the light in
Show me how big your brave is

Say what you wanna say
And let the words fall out
Honestly I wanna see you be brave
With what you want to say
And let the words fall out
Honestly I wanna see you be brave

And since your history of silence
Won’t do you any good,
Did you think it would?
Let your words be anything but empty
Why don’t you tell them the truth?

Say what you wanna say
And let the words fall out
Honestly I wanna see you be brave
With what you want to say
And let the words fall out
Honestly I wanna see you be brave

I just wanna see you
I just wanna see you
I just wanna see you
I wanna see you be brave

I just wanna see you
I just wanna see you
I just wanna see you
See you be brave

I just wanna see you
I just wanna see you
I just wanna see you

I just wanna see you
I just wanna see you
I just wanna see you




Doing This For A Friend…

I want to write about #BringBackOurGirls and Jack Bauer in Sambisa. I want to write about our president and about Nigeria. I want to write about how many things need to be done in this country and I want to rant and rant and rant… But I am angry and helpless and a little tired.





So, instead I will tell you about voting for Eye-D in the on-going Nigerian Idol Competition.

To vote Eye-D, Text 516 to 33680

Eye-D (Photo courtesy BellaNaija)

Eye-D (Photo courtesy BellaNaija)

ODUGBEMI IDOWU SARAH (EYE-D) is a graduate of agricultural science, she loves to sing and her love for music was her inspiration to enter Nigerian Idol. With a voice that can move mountains, Eye-D believes that she has the unique vocal prowess to shake and mould the music industry….

Please vote for Eye-D by sending 516 to 338680. Vote and ask your friends to vote too. Don’t stop voting either.

To vote Eye-D, Text 516 to 33680

Here are some of her performances…




Thank you.

To vote Eye-D, Text 516 to 33680


Sister Anne, if I have thanked you before, it’s all good but I want to thank you again. My life was/is blessed because you came my way. I won’t ever forget you. I love you. My bestest regards to the crew and happy birthday to your girls in a few days… :)


Anne Ugobor

Anne Ugobor


Hello Everyone,

I trust that you are well. My heart’s desire is that these letters be a blessing to you and not a chore or an obligation for you to read.

Having said that, I was encouraging a sister the other day and I discovered (or concluded) that one thing the enemy has targeted in recent times, with a consistent barrage, is our FAITH in God.  Once he can get you to stop believing, or to just doubt God’s ability or even His existence, he’s very close to winning the battle. We go through challenges on a daily basis, we see the proliferation of evil in the earth and the subtle question ‘hits’ our minds – “where is God in all this?”, “can’t God see what I’m going through?” – then it changes from questions to actual comments – “God doesn’t care”, “if God was as mighty as He said, I wouldn’t be going through such and such”…

As children of God, as Christians, we must recognize that those thoughts are called ‘the fiery darts’ of the enemy (Eph 6:16). Ironically, the same scripture tells us what to quench those darts with – guess what we use?  Yep, the shield of faith. So the enemy keeps trying to wear down our faith because that is the shield that protects us from his attacks. (Oh, by the way, grab your bible and actually READ it, don’t just take my word for it.)

David was all too familiar with the tricks and plots of the enemy. In Psalm 11, he writes:

In the Lord I put my trust; How can you say to my soul, “Flee as a bird to your mountain”? For look! The wicked bend their bow, They make ready their arrow on the string, That they may shoot secretly at the upright in heart. If the foundations are destroyed, What can the righteous do? (Psalms 11:1-3 NKJV) 

Indeed, if the very beginning, foundation, root of our faith is destroyed or removed, what can we do? David faced very real physical, but also emotional (mind) and spiritual battles. He consistently reminded himself of things God had done in the past and the things God was doing in the present. I believe this is a necessary part of strengthening our faith – we must remind ourselves constantly of God’s faithfulness in our lives, remember the times He came through for you.

Another trick (or device) of the enemy is to get us so wrapped up in ourselves and our problems that we fail to see that God is still moving in the earth. Someone just asked “Really, God is still moving?”  I answer with an emphatic YES!!! Souls are being delivered, the sick are being healed, lives are being transformed by the Spirit of God. The gospel of Jesus Christ was never about how many houses or cars one can acquire here on earth, it is and will always be about the restoration of lost souls to God. That vital relationship with God that saves us from destruction in hell and grants us access into His very presence… the Secret place of The Most High. The overflow of that relationship will impact our dominion on earth no doubt, but when the relationship ceases to be the priority and we begin to focus on the possessions, we lose – period!

I remember when I was in University, I was a member of a very vibrant group of believers. We loved The Lord wholeheartedly and served Him with passion. There was a period in my third year when I got so involved in the activities of the group, from morning till night (whenever lectures were not holding) we would be doing one thing or another. I enjoyed every minute of what I was doing – serving The Lord (…or so I thought). Soon, I began to discover that people seemed to be displeased with what I was doing. From the leaders of the group to my co-workers – nothing I did seemed to be right. There was criticism from everywhere. I wasn’t at peace, “how could he/she say that to me?”, “why do they dislike me?”, “how come no one appreciates my efforts?”, “do they know what I went through or how I struggled to get to the meeting on time?”…. Myriads of questions. I cried and prayed and bound the enemy. Then, God in His mercy (truly, it was in His mercy) sent a dear brother to speak with me. One thing he said to me (those many years ago) has never left me:

“When you feel like you’re being bombarded on every side with attacks, it is because you’ve come out of the Secret Place of the Most High!”

Wow!!! What a revelation. And it was so true! I was spending time working FOR God, I was no longer walking WITH Him. Giving Him pleasure was no longer my priority. I got caught up with pleasing everyone else at God’s expense.

I encourage us to read the whole of Psalm 91 in as many translations as you have access to. You will discover that the arrows/fiery darts of the enemy which fly by day (THEY ARE ALWAYS FLYING, SELAH!!), cannot touch you if you remain in the Secret Place.

Where is the Secret Place, you ask? You know and your heart knows where it is. More importantly, the Holy Spirit our helper, knows where it is. There is no ‘formula’ that I can prescribe for finding it or accessing it. You’ve been there before. It’s time to return.

The Message translation of verse 1 (Psalm 91) says “you who sit down in the High God’s presence, who spend the night in Shaddai’s shadow..” There is a waiting, staying, abiding in God’s presence that we must return to. It is in His presence that we receive strength, impartation, anointing – everything we need to be able to serve Him effectively and acceptably. The truth is, what we offer to Him on Friday and Sunday (or whenever we gather together) must come from what we receive from Him on every other day.

Lord, help us to abide in that place where You are. Holy Spirit, please take us in to the Holy of holies. Draw our hearts to run after You Lord. Let us again hunger for the sweetness of Your presence, in Jesus’ name, Amen!

I love you guys so much.






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